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A dynamic, energetically intentional polymath with an insatiable curiosity for transformational change both professionally & personally.

Benji's track record includes top tier firms such as the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Singular Group, World Economic Forum (WEF), HSBCHollard Insurance, Vodafone & Ziggo. She has a global flavour, with working in South Africa, Switzerland, Germany, United Arab Emirates & the Netherlands.

A strong entrepreneurial mindset with proven track-record to outperform on promised ROI expectations of shareholders. Proud of an uncanny ability to leverage a broad range of experience in visioning, architecting, designing & delivering on complex programmes to bring tangible value.


Digitally dexterous in developing, presenting & implementing complete end-to-end commercial, technical & cultural roadmaps.

Listed a Forbes Top60 woman leader in technology, she actively nurtures a collaborative culture for cross-functional teams in matrix organisations during hybrid integrations.

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Benji actively seeks responsibility for multi-domain business transformation & hyper-scaling growth.

Golden threads: Digital Native, Value Engineer, Transformational Architect


Key "corporate" projects to mention:

  • At BCG & Singular, Benji led large-scale operational optimization, process re-engineering & transformational restructuring projects (incl M&A).

  • At the WEF Benji managed a multi-national African $5.5bn infrastructure programme of the World Economic Forum in Geneva (led fundraising via public, private & NGO’s to accelerate a rail corridor in East Africa).

  • Benji currently leads the Digital Channels of both Vodafone & Ziggo (JV of Liberty Global & Vodafone Group) of the Netherlands in Digital Director (Tribe lead) capacity across both B2C a& B2B portfolio, from sales to service, guiding away from legacy (technical & cultural).

Key entrepreneurship ventures:

  • Founder of Seedpitch as boutique strategy conduits, selectively acting as sounding board to executives & startups (mechanism to bootstrap ventures of her own until VC was raised in 2017).

  • Benji was the Founder & CEO of EmptyTrips, a multi-award winning platform that leverages algorithmic directional AI & machine learning to reduce freight space wastage, costs, & carbon emissions of industrial transport vessels. For this, Benji was recognized as a top 60 women technologists globally by Forbes in 2018. Exiting to Vector Logistics (Part of RCL Foods / Remgro portfolio) in 2019.

  • Benji designed & developed SUREcargo (previously Surefox) an on-demand instant freight insurance tech platform. This was exited to Santova in the Netherlands in 2019 too.

Investor & partner:

  • Benji is a conscious investor into positive brands both in her personal (Angel) capacity & as a Venture Partner for Calibre Capital (private equity investment). 

  • She also facilitates the Scout Network to accelerate & reward identifying opportunities.

  • Mentors & supports entrepreneurs through the process of capital raising & performance management.

At Seedpitch: 

  • Benji facilitates experts within the network & continues to selectively consult to executives & mentors founders.

  • Preferred agenda items include innovation, venture diversification, culture change, & business model transformation.

  • She leverages data & behavioral science for better decision making to build sustainable momentum.


  • Benji holds two Master degrees; a Master of Laws in Corporate Finance from Goethe University in Germany, & a Master of Philosophy in Maritime Economics, & a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance with Statistics from Stellenbosch University.

  • Executive Leadership programmes & courses such as NEXUS from GIBS, the Executive Programme at  Singularity University in San Francisco & Behavioural Economics with Johannesburg Business School. 

  • Avid learner of Data Science to better the world & applies agile processes as a Certified Scrum Master.