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Seedpitch Einstein


Seedpitch is a niche leadership consultancy aimed to help clients think progressively, and implement practically.



We use a variety of insights, frameworks, concepts and tools from behavioural science, including economics and design disciplines, to rapidly enable desired change.

By leveraging a deep understanding of the influences of human decision-making behaviour and data analytics, we are able to critically provide more actionable and measurable performance measures to achieve objectives of organisational, professional or personal change. 

We advise corporations, executives, startup founders, politicians, athletes, and individuals seeking strategic clarity, optimised with human judgment and decision making perspectives, leading to sustainable positive change.



Seedpitch has a reputation for its alternative methods to "shock", "gamify" and "shift" thinking to new paradigms. Often helping clients do a "hard" reset on both company and personal objectives, processes or structures. 

Our playful energetic manner unlocks resistance to change. This refreshing approach enables us to bring our deep technical expertise, professional experience, and human pattern recognition capabilities to solve problems in an engaging manner.

Dive into your imagination

Because our approach and methodologies go beyond traditional consulting or coaching practices, we help you discover the unknown.

We dive-in with you, to discover and explore new depths of what is possible.


We jointly identify and leverage opportunities, even at times of despair and anxiety,  personally or professionally.

We will leave you with strategic achievable imperatives, practical structures, implementable to-do processes, as well as on-going custodianship.


Via our renowned 1-on-1 personal power confidence training sessions, we trust that we will continue to help you explore new depths of your abilities. This includes helping refine a pitch to ensure you captivate with data, influence and clarity.



Take risk

Dedication, humility, collaboration, transparency, intellectual curiosity, and NO BOREDOM.

Our values guide our work with clients, with each other, and our commitment to enabling change-for-good.

Your success is our success.


We obsess about delivering positive change. Our goal is the same as yours – creating purpose-driven success. 

You can lift the ideas to life



Our services span across various strategic areas of business, professional leadership and personal mastery.

strategic advisory

Exciting Ideas

Engaging Communication

Daring Delivery

Performance Coaching



At Seedpitch, we work with all types of individuals, future leaders, executives, and companies. We are able to benchmark and assess current change efforts, identify gaps to goals enabling a blueprint detailed roadmap, to create a sustainable “high-performance culture”. Both personally, socially or professionally.

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Read opinion pieces and latest news via our paradigm shifts page.

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