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Let us help you explore new paradigms, high-performance and achieve sustainable success.

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Strategic Advice.

  • Growth and goal coaching

  • Strategic planning

  • Performance and change management

  • Due diligence reviews

  • Project management support

  • Executive documents (prepare/ review)

  • Conflict resolution

  • Negotiation and nudging

  • Financial modeling and analysis

  • Business turnaround 

  • Data science (analytics / insights)

  • Behavioral science (change / influence)

Cross the line

Exciting ideas.

  • Option analysis

  • Concept articulation

  • Product, service  and goal evolution

  • Business model innovation

  • Personal career guidance

  • Brand reinvention

  • Brand architecture

  • Geographic growth opportunities

  • Digital strategies

  • Go-to-market tactics

  • Pitch refinement

  • Business model critique

engaging communications.

  • Impactful presentations

  • Article writing, copy-writing & editing

  • Meeting moderation 

  • Research and insights

  • Content curation

  • Speech preparation

  • Nerve management

  • Performance coaching

  • Executive soundboard

  • Ambition guidance

  • Pitch perfection

  • life coaching

  • career guidance

  • motivation

work depression

leadership coach

athletic top performance

Leap on

NEED A daring

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Solutionist, Protagonist, Industrialist, Author, Digitizer, Strategist, Innovator, Scout and Change Maker.

  • Looking for an experienced, engaging and creative speaker at your next event?

  • Benji loves shaking up a stage.

  • She often discusses topics such as impactful innovation, digitalization, strategy, leadership, change management,  gamification, and behavioral science.

Benji Coetzee inspiring speaker
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